Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long Time No See!

Yep, I really thought that I'd have done another post since Christmas however I've been busy doing things other than Kaszazz and some very Kaszazz things.

The most Kaszazz thing that I have done is attend the Kaszazz Conference in Adelaide. What a fantastic time I had! Not only did I attend with some amazingly talented WA consultants but Kaszazz gave out Freebies at every opportunity - Smooch, 3-in-1 Paper Trimmer, Card Art Stamps, Shrinky Dinks, New SB papers and rub-ons. We very nearly had to pay excess luggage with all the free stuff. Also, each person attending the conference had the chance to win a Smiley Faced badge. At the Farewell presentation each person with a Smiley Face badge got to trade it in for a workshop pack! These packs contained all the stamps, inks, smooches and acrylic blocks that each table used for each of the two workshops that we had completed over the weekend - AMAZING! (and yes I got one).

This photo shows the display area in my craft room where I have placed both the
2H839 Funky 50's Frame Album and 2H838 Retro Colour Card Art samples that we made at conference.

I have also put up my Ezy-Press Conference competition entries. Although I didn't win the competition I did get an Honourable Mention for the Let's Catch Up card set.
Of the 3 honourable mentions and 3 winners - 3 of us were from the one WA team - Michelle Smith being the overall winner. Go WA GO!



Next post will include a run down of upcoming workshops.