Friday, February 15, 2008

Dance ...

I have spent the last couple of days working on this 5"x7" canvas for a friends birthday present. I used gesso as the base then texture paste on the bottom right hand corner with Making Memories foam stamp impression. Once this was dry I applied a wash, which is a mixture of Golden's Nickel Azo Yellow and Quinacridone Burnt Orange. Next I used several pink's and oranges from my Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, as well as some gold paintstick. A little gothic text and some flourishes plus an Artchix Studio image, some wording, sunflower brads and german scrap and hey presto we're finished.

I had an idea for the Wednesday Stamper Asian theme for last week, I attempted it and quite frankly it sucks!!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gothic Arch Challenge - Valentines

Now that my youngest is at full time school, I have some time to myself to create. I do love doing the Gothic Arch Challenges. This weeks theme is Valentines. Although my hubby and I don't do Valentines (my birthday and our wedding anniversary in March) when I saw the challenge this came to mind. Got to use some yummy T!m Holtz goodies that I had in my stash as well as a Gothic Arch background that I had created for another challenge but never got around to completing.

Next post should be for a Wednesday Stamper Asian piece that I'm working on - must wait for the layers to dry (even with the temp here in Perth hitting 37 degress C everyday for the last couple of weeks!)


Friday, February 01, 2008

Gothic Arch Challenge - Guardian Angels

Okay, I'm several weeks late in creating this and a couple of weeks late in posting but it's here how! Having the kids home on school holidays has meant little time for playing alone in the craft room. Bless the kiddies, but my craft room is small (but i'm thankful I've got one!) and having myself and the two kids in wanting to 'play' with my stuff is almost more than one can handle.

The base of this piece is water soluble oil pastels over Gesso. I've then photocopied a piccie of me and my sister and one of my dad. Winged frame is a stamp by Artistree from PaperForestDesigns. I've always believed that those you hold close to your heart become your Guardian Angels once they have passed away.

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Let's try this again!

Had to make some cards for birthdays and a card swap and was looking through the Art Specailly for You card book for some inspiration when I came across a lovely card that had a wash as part of the background technqiue. The last one I've used only stamps sold by Kaszazz (for whom I'm an indepenant consultant)as it was for a card swap.

This is the 3rd time I have tried to post these images, but for some reason it keeps failing!

Good news! I will have the final plans for our house extension in my hot little email box later this morning! I just have to give the drafty the final approval and then the plans can go to the Engineer and Environmental Approvals guy then it's off to the City of Swan for building approval. I'm hoping that by the end of Feb we'll start to see some movement of soil. The whole thing is timing as we need to remove one external wall on the western side of the house, which means all manner of things may enter! Including the hot weather (if we start too soon) and cold weather and rain (if we start too late)! I will definately be posting the progress.