Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look out three posts in one day!

Whilst having to put my feet up due to breaking my toe earlier this year I was able to enjoy some quality time in the craft room.
The three cards below are the result. I submitted these to Kaszazz, for whom I'm an Independant Consultant as a 2 hour workshop and to my delight Kaszazz recently added this to their fantastic range of 2 hour workshops that all Kaszazz Consultants can run for their customers.
The stamp set that I have used is the Love and Cherish Stamp set by Kaszazz.

The picture below shows a new 2 hour workshop that I put together one day last week. I have again used only products available from Kaszazz and I will be submitting this to them for inclusion in their range of 2 hour workshops. I have used the new Ebony and Ivory SB papers and stamp set, which is exclusive to Kaszazz.

If you would like to do either of the above workshops or enquire about the wonderful Kaszazz range of products, feel free to post a comment.

Please feel free to use my artwork for inspiration but please don't reproduce my work without my permission or without attending a Kaszazz workshop.

Thanks for visiting.

And now for the extension

Well we have finally broken through to the other side as it were! Now the dust and muck can inhabit both sides of the house - arghhhhh!! I never was a great fan of dusting anyway.

Battling a nasty head cold, both Steve and I pushed through the 'why can't I just lie here and envelope myself in my own snotty misery' and managed to get all wall panels up as well as the ceiling panels in the studio and lounge over the weekend just past. Next weekend we will finish putting up the plasterboard and then it's up to the tradie to come in and make the wall and ceiling joints look good. Once this is done, Steve can do the cornicing and spray paint the ceilings and I can get on with painting the walls.

We aim not to have a deadline to finish the build by, but I'm hoping that the end of January will see us moving furniture and fitting out my studio - YIPPEEEE!!

Thanks for visiting and being so patient.

Update, Update, Update and about time too!!

In October I had the chance to travel to Melbourne with my beautiful sister Natalie. We timed the trip to coincide with Paperific (paper arts expo) and we had a fantastic time including getting a Henna tattoo at a 'Celebrate India' festival that was held in Centenary Square.

We stayed at the Hotel Tolarno in St Kilda and really enjoyed travelling on the trams and discovering different places and not having any set agenda, apart from going to Paperific.

We both loved Acland St in St Kilda and enjoyed shopping here more than anywhere else, the vibe was just fantastic. We spotted Guy Pearce at an eatery on Fitzroy St, St Kilda however I wouldn't recommend a balcony room on Fitzroy St unless you like the sound of doof doof cars, loud music and merriment until the wee hours of the morning!

Spent a lovely evening with the girls from the arty_oz yahoo group for dinner at the Medici restaurant at Docklands and had a chance to chat and catch up with Julie from Collections and Jenny Crosley as well as meeting some new faces. The lovely and talented Teresa Abajo took the photo of Nat and myself that you see above.