Thursday, April 05, 2007

The School Holidays are Here!!!

Yep, the kids are at home and wanting to get into all my craft stuff - argh!

I think I'll buy them lots of easter eggs and I'll get some art done while the kids are in a chocolate induced coma!! I'm kidding. Really.

As for the wireless broadband - that didn't work, apparently we're 20kms from any of the 3 nearest towers. No chance of getting a signal, but the satellite broadband works really well. Welcome to the real world at last.

I hope to finish off a microscope slide book that I'm working on. I just have to decide whether to solder the edges for leave them with the copper tape. The book pages are laser transparencies stamped with various images and sewn together in the usual book making manner. Here a pic of the piece under construction. The other quondary is how to glue the slides to the transparencies.
Happy Easter everyone.


carmel said...

hi Jellybean! aka G - slides look yum and I really like the idea of the transpariency booklet - also your card is gorgeous, great background. Cheers, Carmel

littledawnieno1 said...

Jelly bean, how are you ?? So glad I stumbled across your blog.
Well you kept that one quiet.

Will pop you in my links if that is OK

D xxx

Julie H said...

This looks terrific - I hope that you will show us the finished product.

Have a wonderful Easter

Jane P said...
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Jane P said...

I just love your slides- please let us see the completed work. Who said that chocolate was not a good baby sitter- enjoy the rest of the holidays