Friday, February 01, 2008

Gothic Arch Challenge - Guardian Angels

Okay, I'm several weeks late in creating this and a couple of weeks late in posting but it's here how! Having the kids home on school holidays has meant little time for playing alone in the craft room. Bless the kiddies, but my craft room is small (but i'm thankful I've got one!) and having myself and the two kids in wanting to 'play' with my stuff is almost more than one can handle.

The base of this piece is water soluble oil pastels over Gesso. I've then photocopied a piccie of me and my sister and one of my dad. Winged frame is a stamp by Artistree from PaperForestDesigns. I've always believed that those you hold close to your heart become your Guardian Angels once they have passed away.

Thanks for coming to visit.



Natalie B said...

Gen this is truly gorgeous.... I see your sisters name is Nat too :-) So lovely to think of your father as your guardian angel. I too believe that about those that we love that have passed over.

Lisa Renéa said...

another fabulous arch! Love the heartfelt sentiment behind it, too.

France said...

That's a really nice memory, Genevieve. You look like your Dad, I can see a ressemblance. Great way to remember him, and a very sensible feeling too, IMO!!