Saturday, May 31, 2008

ATCs and The Extension

I've just posted off some atcs for a background swap. Talk about a challenge! This really pushed me artistically. To receive 9 different backgrounds and then having to create the foregrounds, often in styles that aren't me. The 'Think outside the box' atc is what I created for my background. Credit Card technique background using Jo Sonja's Aqua and Folk Art Antique Copper. Images are Zetty (like you couldn't tell - lol) and word stamps are from a Paper Artsy plate.

Well the frames are up and we're now waiting on delivery of the timber for the verandah posts and beams. DH will then spend a week or so notching out and putting up before we can put some tin on the roof frames. The photo above is looking at the south side of the house, craft room on your left and lounge room on your right with its big opening awaiting the french doors. The photo below is looking directly into my craft room all 3.5m x 4.4m of it! Yipee!!!

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