Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nearly there and something different

So, we're getting there, busy painting doors and frames. All the flooring is done and the wardrobe install is next week. The picture below is taken from inside the craft room looking out to the new lounge with the original part of the house in the background - and yes, I do like a splash of colour here and there.

The photo above shows the craft room floor, it's called Wine and Fruits and it is by Parador Flooring. If you'd like a better look at it go to the Carpet Call website and click on flooring. This laminate has writing all over it, just like old fruit packing boxes have been laid down. I figured that if I drop something on the floor and I'm not able to get it off it's not going to matter much and will just add to the overall effect.

And now for something a little different. As most crafters do, I'm an avid follower of Tim Holtz's blog. Tim has added a video demo section to his website amongst these is a video showing a new technique using Alcohol Inks. As soon as I saw the video I new that I wanted to try this on glass wear and the following is what I have played with so far.....a bowl from Ikea

Check out the detail and patterns here....
And even a wine glass....I'm working on a set of six.

Lots of inspiration to be had here and my family and friends can expect to be getting something glass and inked for any birthday that's coming up.

Thanks for visiting, I know that's it's a long time between drinks here...however, building an extension does take priority. Cheers!


Natalie B said...

Your glassware looks fab Gen!! Well done..

Sarah Schwerin said...

Wow Jen - your glass pieces are fantastic! I too saw that tutorial and went straight out to buy the compressed air! LOL! Still haven't given it a go yet though. LOL!
Love your new floor too - how awesome!

Marion said...

Oooh that's pretty!