Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And that's what I did

Well, my grand plans to do all 12 Tags came undone. December just got busier and busier. What with making Christmas cards, running a couple of last minute Kaszazz workshops and organising everything for out trip to Europe.

We flew out on Tuesday 22nd December and headed for Singapore...

As you can see the kids loved Singapore airport and managed to find the world's biggest Chuppa Chumps. After our 2 hour stop over and lots of walking through the airport stretching our legs, we boarded the plane and spent the next 12hrs mowing through umpteen movies, tv shows. The kids got about 8-9hrs sleep each and us adults managed about 6. Not bad really. We landed in Frankfurt then made our way north to my Aunt's house in Bielefeld.

As you can see, snow had fallen before we got there. The kids were able to make a snow man and we had the obligitory snow ball fight. We had a drizzly Christmas Day which turned all the snow into ice! Boxing day was spent at a local animal park where we met some interesting animals (see the hairy, horny cow)

and supped on some gluwein (hot spiced wine - yummm). We also wrapped up nice and warm, however as you can see from the picture above, Jarrod absolutely froze at the Night Markets - can't blame him as it was -1.5c!

Next post - Paris!

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