Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas 1-4-1 Swap 2011

This is the gift that I received in the Arty_oz yahoo group 1-4-1 Christmas Swap for 2011. Michelle Brown has created this lovely art journal for me and also included some emphemera, painted pages and dress pattern paper. Now I will have to get serious about doing an art journal. I noted on Michelle's Blog that Michelle is an avid GPP Crusader - I've participated but very rarely. Maybe this is something I need to do more often to help the mojo flow. Now I don't do New Year's resolutions as you just end up feeling disappointed but I may just have to use the Nike credo of "Just do it!".

Have an inky week....I'm off to turn my craft room upside down looking for a Tim Holtz mask that I just know I have somewhere.....

1 comment:

Michelle said...

So pleased you like it! I had lots of fun putting it together!