Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stamp Storage

I've had some customers (and fellow consultants) ask me how I store my stamps and up until recently it was a bit of a mess. I wanted to be able to store the stamps so that I could easily see them, however I didn't want to lose any stamps with them falling out of a file. So my solution was this. *Stamp images with Stazon ink onto A5 sheets of plastic.
*Mini Messages are in A6 plastic sleeves (again from Officeworks)
*Place unmounted stamps onto plastic sheets according to the Kaszazz Catalogue order. *Each plastic sheet placed in A5 sleeve with a tab at the top listing all the stamps in it and the codes.
*A5 Accordian Files (from Officeworks)with collections of stamps as per the Kaszazz Catalogue (ie: Botanicals, Vintage Flourish, Vintage Floral).
*Binder Index - slips into Journal Pocket which is stuck to the inside of the lid.
I had been sticking the catalogue image to the back of the plastic, however I've now changed my mind and will instead be stamping with image with StazOn to the back of the plastic sheet. As a customer you may want to do this according to theme: animal, christmas, sayings, word stamps, backgrounds. Or you could organise by stamp company. Whichever works for you. I find this storage system works for me, I can grab a selection of stamps to take with me to workshops and I know that I'm not going to lose any stamps with them falling out of a folder. I think having the stamps stored this way would look awesome in an old style filing cabinet, so that you could flick through them.... I hope this helps you to sort all of your stamps. Cheers,

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