Monday, August 13, 2007

On the Piste Again!

Ah yes! The snow, something us West Aussies must travel to see!! Hubby and kids plus myself had an absolute ball skiing on Mt Buller in Victoria last week. First time in skiing/snow for the kids. DD didn't want to come home but conceded that Dad needed to work so that we could return at a later date.

My parallel turns still need a little work but at least my legs got a break from doing the SNOWPLOUGH in a effort to stop, even progressed to doing a parallel turn to stop.

If you get the opportunity to pick a destination for a holiday and feel that the old bod is still up to it, I thoroughly recommend a skiing holiday. Best thing about Aussie Ski trips are: You won't get blown up by some maniac suicide bomber, you can get accomodation on the mountain and ski from the hotel front door, it's quicker to fly there and the locals speak the same language - except for the many ski instructors who travel from the Northern Hemisphere to teach.

Weather could have been better though, back in '99 we had perfect blue skies every day. Mt Buller pulled the fog over us and we battled gale force winds, sleet and low visability most days - but that didn't stop us!! Oh no! Not when we'd travelled to the snow, we skied anyway!!

Here's Cheers! to being on the piste again.

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Dawnie said...

Bet you had fun Gen ! Love the shot of you and your cherubs as you all look happy and relaxed.

Got any ice sculptures to share, he-he.

dawn xxx