Saturday, September 01, 2007

Early Mornings and a Spring Flowers

I've been getting up early (read 5.30am) the past few mornings, too many ideas wanting to get on to the page and out of my head. I thought I'd share this photo of the view from my craft room. Most of our 50 acre block looks like this (without the fence of course). We are so privilaged to live here and be able to share the most wonderful wildlife and wildflowers. So far we have seen a regular group of Western Grey Kangaroos with white markings on their heads, an emu that wanders through every now and then, echidnas, Brush Tailed Wallabies, bobtail skinks, carpet python (he measured over 6ft!), possums and the most wonderful assortment of birds. White Tailed Black Cockatoos, Red Tailed Cockatoos, 28's, Kookaburras, Scarlet Robins, Splendid Fairy Wrens.

I believe that this flower is a Isopogon dubius or pink coneflower. I often take the camera when going for walks on the block. Just going to get the post is a treat as our driveway is 600m long! and on the way back it's all up hill!!!

This one is Drosera pallida or Pale Sundew. These plants have a sticky residue on the leaves and a beautiful white flower. However, my all time favourite Western Australian Wildflowers are the Nodding Lily and Fringed Lily. So beautiful and delicate and they flower right through the hot summer months!

Thysanotus multiflorus or Fringed Lily
Dichopogon capillipes or Nodding Lily

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carmel said...

the old block looks very nice! so do your inchies and ta muchly for the RAK! cheers, Carmel xx