Saturday, April 19, 2008

A talented artist

I have been admiring the artwork of the ubber talented Nat Briney and decided that I had better purchase some of her work before Nat became too famous and I couldn't afford her! LOL

So above is my acquisition which arrived on Tuesday just gone. I haven't found the perfect home for it yet, however after a visit to the new Ikea store I've decided that the background colour will be the feature wall colour in my new bedroom and the painting will hang in there.

Speaking of the new bedroom. The frames have arrived for the extension and DH will be putting on his business hat this weekend and putting all the sand in place for the sand pad. Building licence is currently in the approval prosess (should get this by the end of the following week). Concretor is booked in for first week of May as is the plumber. Then you can all pray that the rains hold off until we get the roof on and the outside cladding and windows in, once that's done it can bucket down all it likes!

Have an inky and creative weekend.



France said...

Oooh, you're the lucky owner of this painting! Great purchase! It's gorgeous, isn't it!!!

Dawnie said...

you lucky gal ! Its a beauty

Natalie B said...

Oh shucks thanks Gen....

How exciting that you are getting extensions on your house. Dont forget to take some photos and share :-)

Julie H said...

This is wonderful, I wondered who was the lucky owner. Now I have met you I can't be too jealous. Enjoy.