Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My beautiful Girlie. Steve and I bought Tess not long after we got married in 1994, Tess was 8 weeks old. Today we had Tess put down, she was 15. I wanted her to go whilst she still had her dignity, before she suffered too much pain. Tess had lost a lot of weight, her back legs were getting weaker. It was an easy decision but a hard one none the less. We will miss her barking at the kangaroos (whether they were there or not), tripping over her (as she loved to stand right behind you) but most of all her being there whenever we came home.

Rest in Peace, Girlie.


Natalie B said...

Gen, so sorry to hear about your darling doggie Tess.... they are such a huge part of our lives, so i can feel your pain.

Julie H said...

Sending you all hugs, the decision is so very hard, and yet it is right.