Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm being artistic - what's it look like I'm doing?

So, there I sat on the bed, doodling away, having a little me time. Moore River holdiay with the kids and Hubby's family (He's 1 of 6) both of his parents were there plus all the grandchildren (9 in all) as well as a couple of older cousins. Makes for lots of noise! People kept popping in a asking 'What ya doin?' Needless to say that by the time 10 people had asked the same question and I'm sure someone asked twice, I was a litle irritated.

I did manage however, to get something done. I don't keep an art journal on a regular basis but sometimes the mood strikes me and I'll do something. Of course, I had come prepared, Art Journal, Water colour crayons, aquwash pen, black gel pen.

This is what I came up with....

This one has wording written in amongs the flowing lines. I had been reading an article about the different ways to hold your hand bag and that you could match your style to your favourite celebrity - oh pleeeeassseeeee!!

It still feels strange to come home and not have Tess around. Although I'm sure the kids are not missing their 'dog poo' duties.

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Julie H said...

Fantastic Gen - and I get the feeling that the interpuptees influenced the face on the first woman?