Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look out three posts in one day!

Whilst having to put my feet up due to breaking my toe earlier this year I was able to enjoy some quality time in the craft room.
The three cards below are the result. I submitted these to Kaszazz, for whom I'm an Independant Consultant as a 2 hour workshop and to my delight Kaszazz recently added this to their fantastic range of 2 hour workshops that all Kaszazz Consultants can run for their customers.
The stamp set that I have used is the Love and Cherish Stamp set by Kaszazz.

The picture below shows a new 2 hour workshop that I put together one day last week. I have again used only products available from Kaszazz and I will be submitting this to them for inclusion in their range of 2 hour workshops. I have used the new Ebony and Ivory SB papers and stamp set, which is exclusive to Kaszazz.

If you would like to do either of the above workshops or enquire about the wonderful Kaszazz range of products, feel free to post a comment.

Please feel free to use my artwork for inspiration but please don't reproduce my work without my permission or without attending a Kaszazz workshop.

Thanks for visiting.


esther said...

love how you have achieved many cards with different looks! Great use of your time :) lovely cards

Julie H said...

Stunning work Gen, no wonder they have become classes.

Jen Crossley said...

WOW you go girl Three posts in three days dont over do LOL
LOve your work no wonder they want them as classes