Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And now for the extension

Well we have finally broken through to the other side as it were! Now the dust and muck can inhabit both sides of the house - arghhhhh!! I never was a great fan of dusting anyway.

Battling a nasty head cold, both Steve and I pushed through the 'why can't I just lie here and envelope myself in my own snotty misery' and managed to get all wall panels up as well as the ceiling panels in the studio and lounge over the weekend just past. Next weekend we will finish putting up the plasterboard and then it's up to the tradie to come in and make the wall and ceiling joints look good. Once this is done, Steve can do the cornicing and spray paint the ceilings and I can get on with painting the walls.

We aim not to have a deadline to finish the build by, but I'm hoping that the end of January will see us moving furniture and fitting out my studio - YIPPEEEE!!

Thanks for visiting and being so patient.

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